From festivals to weddings, garden parties, village fetes & Christmas markets we can provide generator hire, power distribution, mains cables & power cable splitters. Our experienced team will take your power requirements and provide a cost effective, but more importantly, safe and properly specified solution that will keep you event powered.

No matter the location of your event we will make sure the lights stay on and the sound never stops.

We now offer generator hire which is maintained and supported by qualified electricians.

These are the ways we hire.

Dry Hire

You collect the gear, do your show and bring it back. Security deposits and full ID required.

Deliver & Install

Tell us what you need and for how long. We put it in the van, deliver it and install it. When you're done we take it away. Easy!

Managed Install

We deliver, install and operate. Our highly experienced team meets your every requirement, delivering a great show.


JCB G66QS Silent Generator

No matter the location we can power your event. Wether it is a one day hire or for weeks at a time the JCB G66QS silent running generator offers optimised and emissions compliant power and the full support of qualified electrician and remote monitoring.

63amp 3 phase Type 270H Distribution Box

Fitted With:
1 x 63A 415v 3PH+N+E Appliance Inlet
6 x 32A 240v 1PH+N+E Sockets
6 x 16A 240v 1PH+N+E Sockets
3 x 63A SP MCBs
3 x 63A 30ma DP RCDs
6 x 32A SP MCBs
6 x 16A SP MCBs
1 x Set Incoming LEDs

63amp Single Phase Type 270H Distribution Box

Fitted with:
1 x 63A 240v 1PH+N+E Appliance Inlet
3 x 32A 240v 1PH+N+E Sockets
7 x 16A 240v 1PH+N+E Sockets
1 x 63A DP MCB
1 x 63A 30ma DP RCD
3 x 32A SP MCBs
7 x 16A SP MCBs
1 x Set Incoming LEDs

32amp Single Phase Distribution

Fitted With:
1 x 32A 240v 1PH+N+E Appliance Inlet
4 x 16A 240v 1PH+N+E Sockets
1 x 32A DP MCB
4 x 16A 30ma SP RCBOs

16amp Single Phase RUBTR3

Fitted with:
1 x 16A 240v 1PH+N+E Appliance Inlet (Power In)
6 x 13A 240v 1PH+N+E Sockets
1 x 16A 30ma DP RCBO
1 x 54 pin Male Multipin Connector (Audio In)
12 x Female XLR Connectors
4 x Male XLR Connectors


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